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Airplane ideas

Venyige Ádâm

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Hi again, with a new idea. I was thinking that there could be a series in which we could build an airplane from the Japanese Airlines' JAL aircraft in very large scale. With an elaborate interior, a working steering wheel that moves the flap ... working instruments. Operating turbine. Interior lamps. Navigation lights.
That would be great !! 😍
Some ideas for JAL airplanes that would be good for such a model.

BOEING 747-100
BOEING 747-400
BOEING 777-200
BOEING 737-800
AIRBUS A 300-600R
MD 90

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I like the highly detailed/operational surfaces/lighting idea.  I even enjoy building an accurate scale airframe, knowing that it’ll mostly hidden unless you cut away panels.  Accuracy is what it’s all about to me.  

However, I pretty much only build military planes.  Commercial planes just all more or less look the same, and don’t really do much for me...Long white tubes with a logo on the side and some slanted wings.  The only exceptions to that may be some of the unique old school passenger planes like the DC-3 or Ford Tri-Motor.  

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The f35 lightning II actually comes in 3 variants:


STOVL (Short take-off, vertical landing)

CV (carrier variant)


The conventional variant means simply that, it is an f35 in body and tech only, has a conventional engine etc.


The STOVL variant has the lift fan in the centre fuselage and and swivel tailcone for the short takeoff and vertical landing/hover ability.


The CV variant is the same as the STOVL but is iirc 30% larger (odd for a carrier based airplane to be larger) but this is to accommodate the hinges for the folding wingtips for under deck storage, and a larger wing surface generating more lift for the super short runway of an aircraft carrier. 


Imo the CV variant would make a pretty awesome large scale model, with an operational lift fan, swivel tail cone, motorised folding wingtips, cockpit detailing with lights, engine sounds - it's a pretty epic sounding aircraft when doing a short takeoff on a carrier, look for some videos on youtube. You could also offer a range of various armaments to make different configurations.

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