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E-Type of my owm


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Thank you again, Wyatt !

I must say that I was rather disapointed when I see that de main engine's parts were plastic ones... I found some intersting information on model-space on how to paint it (Construisez votre Jaguar E-Type | Altaya ModelSpace (model-space.com) - see pack 04).

I use "Motip" car spray (spray for "real" car - Motip : Bombe de peinture Motip - Bombedepeinture.fr), it fits perfectly well.

The most difficult is masking...

Jaguar Pack01_005.jpg

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You're on the right track. Going the extra bit to make it stand out. Sometimes the partwork kit components look like Burago diecast in their simplicity. Which is a shame. But it gives model builders a challenge. It's going to be a beauty when you finish. Keep the pics coming.


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Looks Great! I intend to do the same thing with my kit.........paint the engine block black. I'm also going to change out the wiring as it doesn't seem to "lay right" according to pics I have of the 1:1.

One HUGE change I want to do when the time comes is change the window regulators. I don't like what I'm seeing so far with how the windows wind up and down. 🤔

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I must confess, I made a mistake: I chose the 24 months payment... So it's a long, long way...

Some pics of the engine, now finished:


Jaguar 001.jpg


Jaguar 002.jpg


Jaguar 003.jpg

all decals are from ebay ((roymatthewblack).

Jaguar 004.jpg

Jaguar 005.jpg

Jaguar 006.jpg

And the Lucas Battery from Modelmodz .


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After two years, I have finished the Jag assembly this morning !

Great partwork, I have to say it.

Please find below some pics...

The Jaguar:


Jaguar 020.jpg

Some added mods, carpet, floor set, seat belts...

Jaguar 021.jpg

The engine...

Jaguar 022.jpg

Cable ties used to fix electrical cables, on both sides:

Jaguar 023.jpg

The spare wheel, under the "carpeted" floor:

Jaguar 024.jpg

Global view...

Jaguar 025.jpg

Jaguar 026.jpg

And just for fun...

Ready to go surfin' !

Jaguar 027.jpg

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