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Bismarck Pack 4 - Stage 33 & 34

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Pack 4 starts with the motorised  radar.



This time, I have tried experimenting with different gluing techniques - is it best to put the glue in the hole or on the peg? Firstly I tried adding the six locker doors by adding a spot of superglue on the inside of the control centre, then pushed the locker into place allowing the glue to set from the reverse. This avoided getting any glue 'splurges' oozinging out to be visible, but occasionally I did not have sufficient glue in the hole to make a connection and hold in place:



For the arms of the radar I put the glue on the 'peg' of the arm which worked fine as long as I kept a steady hand - any wavering and the glue could find its way on to the wrong part of the radar housing



Moving on to the gears inside the control centre, the instructions said put the first one in place then add the pin, as in this photo:



After struggling with dropping the pin through though hole I tried taking the gear out and putting the pin in the gear before putting the gear into its place which was much easier:IMG_9043.thumb.jpg.d7db527e8a4d829a949b2d1875516e73.jpg


found that the plastic blister packaging that comes with the parts is a good stand to hold the control center in place as the gear cogs go into place.



Next I put the motor in place:



Moving on to the metal work around the radar -  a thin knife and/or pliers to bend of any metal work from its frame.



Attaching the metal ladder, I tried putting the glue in the holes from inside the housing which worked ok but in this case the holes are much bigger than the ladder pegs so was harder to get to actually connect and stick.



Black radar antenna added:



Tiny detailing on the control centre, and then putting the pieces together:



And to finish, previewing how it is going to fit together:


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When I built this radar I'm not sure its right. My radar spins freely and I don't think it should. I though once the motor was connected that nothing moved until the motor made it move. Is this correct or am I okay with it spinning


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