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  1. The final stage of this pack is a rather large piece of bottom hull. ...which gives me the opportunity to try an arty photo of the hull so far, fading into the distance....:
  2. adding the motor to the second gun turret. A
  3. Completing the second gun and turret.. Before putting it all together, firstly I added the two barbettes to deck: and then the two range finder hoods and the two metal ladderson either side and of the gun housing As mentioned in Stage 51 diary I put the red wire on the wrong way up, you can see in this next image that the wire is too far inside the based has to bend back to get out of the circular base, this caused some jamming in the movement of the guns, The solution was to disassemble everything and turn the circuit board and wires 180 d
  4. Our eagle-eyed Leopard builders have spotted an oversight in the Pack 2 build instructions. This has been corrected and there is now a revised pdf in the Downloads Centre. A spring (10-2) was supplied with Stage 10. This must be fixed in Stage 11 as shown in picture 9 on page 13. We have introduced a new symbol to indicate when parts are supplied but are to be used in a later stage: A number next to the symbol indicates which stage the part will be required in: Finally, please make sure you keep ALL track parts supplied in each stage as they will be required throughout your bui
  5. The main thing here is to avoid the mistake I made. It is to do with the way you attach the red wire to the guns. The wire comes off the circuit board from one side, you can just about see in the images below that the way I attached it has the wire facing down on the cutting mat; this turns out to be 'upside-down' What I found in Stage 53 is that this orientation means that the wire does not sit well in the turret base and gets a little snagged with movement. So at Stage 53 I had to dismantle everything and reverse the orientation of the circuit board wires (jump down to last pic to see c
  6. After the detail of 47, I now have a couple of stages of light relief! This stage is extending the main deck Three screws underneath does the trick
  7. Progressing the superstructure. Life raft and compasses in place: And then more rail bending! Like last time the bend grooves are quite hard to see but they are there and will help het the correct final shape. They all fitted in place very accurately with minimal glue needed. You can see here that the amount of railings completed continues to grow. Take note on the semi circle railings, the lower one has a slightly different finish on one side so that it goes over the ladder. I didn't need to use glue on either of these two rails as the shape mean
  8. A bit more of the hull, You can see the size compared to Lou's Shelby Cobra build just behind it..
  9. Forward superstructure Firstly I added the two range finders and searchlights that are on the admiral's deck. Then, even smaller (!) the two loudspeakers that go on the side of the upper mask deck. Back to the Admiral's deck, firstly I bent the railings. The bending-grove of these is quite hard to see but it is there! I put a spot of glue on the underside of the deck so that when the railing passed through it would hold from underneath, in an attempt to avoid glue splurge marks - seems to work! Note- its easier to position the railing with tweezers.
  10. please keep in mind that the images are of the prototype not the final production version. For the door-pull handles mentioned by Tezza43 these were not actually in the early versions of the car and were introduced bit later, so won't be on ours which is 1961. You did get us worried though so we had to go back and double check with the original car that we '3D scanned' in the Jaguar collection and also some old photos of the interiors of the first cars. However the windows do actually wind up on our model if you turn the handles! 😃
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