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Can anyone explain to me why a bracket is being replaced in stage 53 (Pack 7)? While working on Pack 6 with all the turning the model over several times, the stabilizing rod that is attached to the bracket kept falling off. So I finally just superglued it in place. 

Now I was looking over the Pack 7 instructions and found out the bracket is being replaced. In the pic the parts look identical. I hope its not a critical thing because there is no way its coming apart. And I'm certainly not replacing the engine/transmission. I wish Agora would give us a heads up, or just replace the part all together in the original stage.IMG_2704.thumb.jpg.d8a219404d88a77e5bf4369252338f2a.jpg

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I've honestly no idea why it was replaced.  The parts do look very similar.  I did replace mine, but I don't recall that there was any further work in the area.  (Mind, don't that that as gospel.  I can't remember what I had for breakfast, let alone every assembly step in a model 🤣) I don't think it's critical.

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Thanks! I won't bother to even try to take the original part off.

Just wish the replacement had been provided  in the original stage. Agora pulled the same stunt on the Bismarck, replacing deck guns in a later stage. I was actually able to change those out cleanly!

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