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Pack 12 - Stage 98. Fitting the tail pipes and connecting the electrics.

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Stage 98 gives us the side skirts and tail pipes.  We fit the tail pipes but the side skirts are left until later.


Push the tail pipes into the holes in teh bottom of the rear body.  They come in bags marked L & R so you can easily get them the right way round.


Take the extension lead supplied in stage 97.  The purpose of this is actually to reverse the connections.  I guess the manufacturers got the wires to the Instrument panel LEDs the wrong way round!  Carefully remove plug 7.  This is best done with tweezers.  Don't pull on the wires as you'll probably pull the wires out from the plug!  Then fit the extension cable into socket 7 in the pub and fir the original plug into the socket on the extension cable.


Now we have to run the wires for the rear lights and speaker from the back of the car to the PCB.  

Start by feeding the wires through the gap between the boot compartment and the wheel arch.


This shows the cables coming out from the rear body.  This is the left side of the car as it allows clearer photo.


Back to the left side of the car, run the wires under the wishbone, but over the drive shaft.


The wire should now go through the hole in the fire wall and into the central shaft.


Finally, take the wires into the pub compartment and plug them in.  Repeat with both rear lights and the speaker wires.


The rear lights go into sockets 11 & 12, and the speaker goes into socket 4.


This completes the stage.


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On 2/25/2024 at 1:26 PM, Modellbau Schwaben said:

HUHUUUU...Klasse...Deine Bilder werden auch immer besser...Das schaut richtig gut aus...

LG Thorsten

HUHUUUU... Great... Your pictures are also getting better and better... That looks really good...

LG Thorsten

Thanks!  The car is looking stunning, but it is taking a little bit of tinkering to get a good fit!  The last stage is nearly finished!

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