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Thunderbirds Are Go. The Mole Complete!


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Well as promised to my friends here, the 'Mole' is complete. 

The pictures you will see is the finished version newly painted and decaled. I will in the course of time weather it up a bit and make up some kinda diorama, to give you guys an idea of scale etc.

I used a cross section of paints from Vallejo, Tamiya, and Humbrol and not forgetting AK True Metal using brush and air-brush.

The AIP kit was made in Japan, so very excellent quality pieces and mouldings.

I enjoyed the build, very therapeutic and relaxing, which is different from some plastic kits I have built in the past.

Cheers guys.












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18 hours ago, Mark, The Master Modeller said:

Lovely job.  It'll look even better once it's been weathered.

Thanks Mark, TMM.😁 Yes I'm sure it will look a lot better the dirtier it is. It's a machine for drilling after all, so bound to be dirty lol.

Though I'm sure Tracy Island looked after all their machines very well.

Cheers 🍻


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16 hours ago, Christopher Christou said:

Fantastic job!you got through it pretty quick!looks real good with the decals and tracks on the wheels.its quite a nice size too.👍


Thanks Chris, good of you to say so. 

Yes I'm a pretty old hand at plastic models, I'm fine with building them, I used to find the painting of them a chore and a bore 😴, but the Air- Brush came to the rescue eventually so not so much time spent on painting now.

Thanks again Chris. Be patient for the final result though, for you may find the Mole popping up again.

Cheers 🍻

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