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Pack 2, The James Bond DB5

Mark A

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Pack 2 contains all sorts of engine goodness! This is a beautiful motor, and the kit captures it perfectly.


Stage 008; assembling the cylinder head


We start with the cam covers. They are marked L and R, so pay attention here. Starting with the right cam cover, we add the larger curved breather pipe. This is followed by installing the shorter pipe on the left cam cover. Both pipes are secured in place with a PS01 screw from inside the cam cover. (steps 1-4)


Next, get the cylinder head, and the two cam shafts out and oriented correctly. The cam shafts are a 1 way only fit, but they are also marked L and R. They are a press fit into the cylinder head, so start with the left, then the right as per the build guide. Next, press the cam covers into place firmly. (steps 5-9)


Lastly, there is the oil filler cap, and two fittings that will be placed on the cylinder head. Start with the oil cap, then add the two other fittings to their places on either side of the oil filler cap. (Steps 10-13)


This completes the first stage of Pack 2.


Stage 009; installing the spark plugs


This stage adds the plugs and plug leads. Start by clipping the plugs off the sprue. Then, place each one in its position on the top of the cylinder head. These are screwed in from the underside using PS21 screws. Be careful of these as they are quite small, and there is only 1 extra. (make sure that screwdriver is magnetized!) (Steps 1-4)


Next, locate both the cable tube, and the distributor with the plug leads. Orientate the shaped end of the plug leads so that it presses into the end of the cable tube. DO NOT GLUE THIS. (steps 5-6)


Now, take the previous assembly and place it into position on the cylinder head with the distributor on the side opposite the closed end of the cylinder head. Fit it into position and seat firmly.  (steps 7-10)


Now, time for a bit if color! Sort the plug wires so that you have 5 short ones and one longer bit. Taking the long piece, bend it into a “U” shape and seat one end into the empty hole in the distributor. Insert the opposite end into spark plug 1. Follow this with plug wires 2-6. Once each plug wire is in place, press it flat to the tube. (Steps 11-17)


This completes stage 2.

Stage 010; building the carburetors


Start by fitting the choke lever onto the main fuel line. This is a bit tricky to fit, as there is a small tongue on the end that is not inserted into the fitting on the mail fuel line. This tongue should lay flat on the fuel line. Doing this will orientate the levers in the correct position. Next, fit the fuel line end onto the pin. It is a shaped pin, so it will go on only 1 way.  CAUTION; THE LEVER ASSEMBLY IS VERY FRAGILE, AND WILL STAND UP TO VERY LIMITED HANDLING.  (STEPS 1 & 2)


Now, fit the fuel line assembly into place on the carburetors, and press it into place. (steps 3-4)  Turn the assembly over and using a PS01 screw, secure the fuel line in place. Next, press the fuel line connector into place, and add the bit of tubing to the end. (steps 5-8)



Stage complete.


Stage 011; fitting the carburetors


This is a super quick stage, involving the carb assembly, and part of the engine block, with three screws.

Using the lower part of the cylinder head, fir the carb assembly into place, and secure it with three screws.


Stage done.


Stage 012; Attaching the exhaust manifolds and assembling the cylinder head

The first steps are to attach the exhaust manifolds. Start with the front manifold and screw it down with 2 PS28 screws, followed by the rear manifold. (steps 1-4)


Now, attach the water pump with a DS01 screw, fitting the pump into its recess.


Lastly, attach the upper cylinder head assembly to the lower part, securing it with 2 DS01 screws.


This completes the stage.



Stage 13; building the alternator and engine distribution cover IMG_5862.jpg.7ffb15470eba8badaf3f95faa5433645.jpg


Steps 1-5 are assembling the alternator. Start by placing part 13-f (the pulley) to the main body of the alternator. Next, mount the bracket, using a PS02 screw. Lastly, in step 5, press part 2 of the alternator pulley into place.


Next, assemble the two halves of pulley A, which will be the first part placed on the engine distribution cover. (step7) Secure the pulley from the backside of the cover with another PS02 screw. Now, using pulley B (part 13-H) and a PS02 screw, mount the pulley to the cover as well.



The last step of this stage is to mount the holder bracket to the backside of the engine cover. This is held in place with 2 DS01 screws.



The stage is complete.


Stage 14; Fitting the left side of the cylinder head and engine distribution cover


First, we mount the cylinder head assembly to the left cylinder head, using 3 DS25 screws. A little oil or soap will help lubricate these screws as they are driving into metal. (steps 1-2)


Next, the engine distribution cover is placed into position and secured with a lubricated DS25 screw.


Steps 5-6 mount the alternator, which is held in place with a DS08 screw.


Lastly, the fan belt from stage13 is stretched over the 3 pulleys, taking care not to get it twisted.


This wraps up stage 14!


Stage 15; Building and attaching the gearbox


Using the right side of the gearbox and the gearbox top, mount the gearbox top to the gearbox, using 2 PS28 (washer head) screws.



Next, fix the left side of the gearbox into place using 2 DS01 screws. (steps 3-4)



For steps 5-6, you’ll need the gearbox front, as well as 2 more DS01 screws. Place the gearbox front into position and secure it into place with the two screws.



Lastly, we mount the gearbox onto the motor using another DS25 washerhead screw.




This wraps up pack 2!








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Hi all!

Can't wait to get Pack 2... Already planning to make several mods after going through the assembly instructions.

Some questions come to mind:

- Why are the exhaust manifolds white?

- Oil dip stick?

- Why is the alternator holding in mid air...?

- Does anybody know if the starter will be included in the coming packs? My guess is yes because of the hole in bell housing flange... 🤔

Best regards!

DB5 Engine .jpg

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