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Lamborghini Steering

Michael Rafferty

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Have a look at the official build diary, Pack 7 - Stage 58.  Make sure that the pins on the steering rack are fully located in the slot in the front frame, and that the washers are holding it firmly but not so tight that it can't slide left and right easily.  A bit of light grease will also help.  Also make sure that the steering column is properly located in its bracket in stage 56.  Try sliding the rack left and right while applying gentle pressure on the steering column to encourage it to mesh.

Hope that helps.

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I think the design of the steering is absolutely terrible. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get the pinion to remain meshed properly with the rack, no success.

The plastic mounting of the shaft has far too much play and the pinion will easily disengage. The shaft is not straight so that as it rotates, it disengages with the rack  I’ve had a replacement, just as bad.

If Agora can’t be bothered to engineer such features properly, they shouldn’t be there.

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