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Bismarck Pack 1 – Stage 2

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Stage 2: Building  ‘Anton’ gun turret


To begin making gun turret ‘Anton’ I cut the two ventilators off the sprues and glued them to the gun turret housing, along with the two ladders. The ventilators are fitted by gluing them (as shown in the instructions) on the shaped end, and then rotating them 180° before positioning in the holes.


Then I assembled the gun barrels, gluing the barrels to the connectors and positioning the ring (so that the ‘L’-shaped notch faces upwards) , the clutch shaft and the tension spring. The parts remained loose during the assembly until everything was fixed at the end with screws. You just have to keep holding everything together as you go.


Next, you turn the gun barrels over so that the notch on the ring faces downwards and slide the barrels through the tubes on the cradle. The spring should reach the edge of the cradle when you push it.


I placed the motor housing in position and then, holding everything together, fixed it together with the screws. I had to keep pushing on the spring to feel it compress but it didn't seem to protrude as much as shown on the instructions. 


Fitting and screwing on the motor and mounting was straightforward. 


Then the guns were mounted in the turret. I slid the gun barrels through the holes, resting the pins on the cradles on either side of the turret.


The base plate was lowered on top, threading the motor cables through the opening and securing with the six screws – three along each side. I always loose-fit the screws, check the positioning of the parts, and then tighten them.


Stage 2 and Anton was complete.








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Yes it is the Hachette one, but you can now buy it worldwide, and particularly in North America where it wasn't previous available. Also, this is complete in only 12 months, unlike the Hachette version which was about 2-3 years. 

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