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Black gull wing


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Since I am painting this , I am filling the pin marks. I am sanding the seam lines and repainting the parts that I sand.  These steps are not necessary as the kit is fantastic. Just going a little step further on this build. I painted a agora cobra 427 from the blue to a red. The blue paint on the cobra is really good, but just wanted a change from everyone else’s 427 cobra. Same here on the Gullwing. Filled the pin marks and primed. Black paint next week. 




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On 8/22/2023 at 4:47 AM, keramh said:


I also want to repaint my 300 SL.

do you have an idea / solution for the necessary decals or etched parts for the star and lettering?

Jeramy, hello, I do not have the necessary etched parts for that. I am not painting the hub caps , will probably leave them silver although they are supposed to be the color of the car. The dash as well. But if it does not look right I will mask the hubcaps and custom etch a 300 sl emblem for the dash.  Alot of work but will be worth it. 

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Keramh, I’m sorry, I just realized what you are talking about. I have pics and am going to try to remove them. If not Mark A said he is going to look into getting another set of emblems. If he does I will try to get you a set also. But for now I’m going to try to remove them without destroying them. Keep you updated. 

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4 hours ago, keramh said:


before you paint the body you should fill the gap at the rear below the triangular window, the original has no gap here.

Yes keramh, I am going to fill that and fill the eyebrows over the wheel wells. I will post pics of the progress. 

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Ok prepping the body. Superglued the eyebrows and roof to quarter panel. Sanded with 180. Next will be the putty. This is my favorite step to building models. Bodywork and paint. The superglue with activator is just insurance that the putty will not crack out. 






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