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Not a full kit?

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Greetings - I just received my "full kit" of the Sterling Moss Mercedes, and after unpacking notice that I do NOT have Pack 11. I also notice that pack 11 instructions are NOT available to download. Does anyone have any idea what the story is on this? Thank you.

Scott W.

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Check the last pack number in Box 10 and the first in Box 12. I believe the model came packed in 11 boxes and not 12. My IXO Full kit Mercedes did come in 12 packs however. 

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I found my W196R in two boxes on  the doorstep this morning. No tracking info, but it was [wisely, I think] shipped from the Australian hub in Melbourne. One small issue [maybe I misled my self.] The promo photo on the Agora site has a plaque on the plinth saying that that one is #1 of 500. For the life of me I cannot find  such a plaque either on, or with the  plinth, nor in any of the boxes I have opened so far.

Any comments?

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