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Super Snake Pack 10 - Stage 78

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Stage 77, oil filter, strut bar, pipes and battery:



Firstly, I screw the battery handle on to the battery, and then place the battery next to the engine:



Next, I press the strut bar into place:



Then I press the oil filter cap on to the oil filter, and push the oil filter connector 1 and 2 on to it. I then push the small wire on to the gold oil filter connector 2:



Next, I cut the long wire at the 16.5cm length. One end goes into the oil cooler and the other threads through the side panel (the furthest hole) and comes out next to the wheel:



I put the remaining 10cm (roughly) of pipe on to the blue connector 1. The pipe connected to the blue goes on to the oil cooler and the pipe connected to the gold into the front of the engine:



Stage complete



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