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Fitting the Front Left Tyre Regular vs Stage 14B: Fitting the Front Left Tyre (Easy)

What's the difference!?!  I can see it uses different parts - but is Regular closer to the actual model and easy is not?

Also, overall the instructions just show pictures/arrows - doesnt mention using glue - etc...  Take the T-800 build DETAILED narrative was provided.




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I have not looked at the problem that you mention. I would look at the instructions for the W196 on IXO website to see if they offered an answer however.

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Yes, the regular is more realistic as it uses individual spokes, unlike the easy version which is basically 2 discs with the necessary gaps, leaving a flat spoke finish.

I made mine with the spokes, it looks a lot better.  Also, I found that the spokes were easier to complete than the ones I did on the Jaguar.

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The regular wheels are more difficult to build that the easy wheels, but they look much better.  You get parts for both, so you can try both and see which you prefer.  The regular wheels are still easier to build that the Jag wheels.

Taffy has summed it up nicely.

Regarding glues... there are only a few places where glue is needed, where the push fit doesn't hold tight.  I only used superglue when I assembled the model for Agora.

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