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Miura restoration!

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Today I bought a Hachette Miura on Ebay France... The price was "do-able" as the model has some flaws:

- loose windscreen

- electronics not working due to broken wiring at the pedals

- eyelashes not mounted

- panel fit looks weird ...

- hope it arrives.... without too much damage...

Once its here I will first examine it and then "unbuilt"  it carefully starting with issue 100 until it's in 3 main parts : front - cabin - rear compartment!

Plan is to fix the flaws, do some detailing, and rebuild it! Can't wait to start this project.

As soon as I have it I'll post other pics. These are from Ebay







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On the video above it seems:

- the Lamborghini logo on the "hood" or bonnet seems too thick..

- panel gaps are wrong

- rear lights look weird

- eyelashes missing

- windscreens out of sync

- is the Bertone logo on the side not a bit out place?

- wiring in the trunk is visible while I guess it should be hidden

- anything else??

There's also another issue I'd like to correct (to wish and to do are different things...): The lack of shades!!!! The engine, wheels and discs etc they all have only two colours :  Black and silver while in reality it has a myriad of different shades. "Wish" I could solve this...


Thanks for mentioning whatever you notice that looks wrong on this model that on its way to ME!!!! 😍😍😍😍

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Well it arrived today!

And it is exactly as I hoped it would be. It arrived with two  beautiful "Miura" binders containing all the issues from 1 up to 100. There's also a 1/24 Miura model, a Miura key fob, a Miura bag and 3 large posters  to promote the Hachette partwork and a little bag containing all the little bits and pieces, lots of bags with screws and spare parts! Perfect!!!!

The car was apparently exposed, everything open and without a protective case, so it's dirty and dusty. I already started to clean, no problem here. The build quality is so and so but as everything can be taken apart, it's just a matter of disassembling and rebuilding. The loose windscreen is not broken or anything, it's just loose! I was worried about that, but thanks to this kit being very well designed, I can easily fix it. The tail lights are fixed, the eye lashes also so that's good also.

Then I started to dismantle it. By doing so I noticed that superglue was used, leaving a white film over some parts. The Bertone logo is misaligned and the BERTONE tag is glued upside down, the door locks and handle are not fully flush with the body... nothing to worry about. The panel gaps on the other hand might be an issue.

Once I got the rear and front body parts off, I started to detail it a bit here and there. Under the carbs I used Chinese ink to blacken the gaskets and the rocker covers were painted black! I prefer it this way as otherwise there's way too much 'silver" to look at. And the nice chromed acorn nuts come to life!

The Lamborghini logo on the hood is dead... it's completely ruined by that glue, so I'll have to find a new one on Ebay.

Pics will follow.

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I replaced the broken electric wires on the pedals. Now the brake-lights a working, and when the accelerator is pushed in the engine sound works too. You can rev the engine, but the "sound module" is not on par with the quality of the model. The sound is hardly audible while it should scream like hell! 

I also rebuild the system to activate the horn and lights. All worked well, I could feel the lever activate the contacts (it's a little "click" you can hear), but it doesn't seem to work....

And then I lost the f... key!

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