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The luggage carrier...


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The luggage carrier...

For this purpose, holes should be drilled in the trunk lid to be able to insert the luggage rack.


This didn't appeal to me at all and I wanted to leave out the luggage rack at first. Then another idea came to me.

I cut the pins...


Drill 2mm holes in these places and glue in 2x2mm neodymium magnets.


In order to get some contrast in and to match the interior, I then painted the carrier black.


Since I had to pierce the holders, I put small cap nuts on the tops.

A cap nut was also glued to the connection around the actual luggage rack or was drilled through at the lower end and an M1 screw with cap nut was used.



This is how it all looks on the model. Here the trunk lid now without drilling.


And here with the rather firmly seated luggage rack.


To explain, die-cast zinc is not magnetic, I also glued neodymium magnets to the underside where the holes should be drilled.

Now I can present whatever you want, with or without a luggage rack.

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