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Pack 11 - Stage 84. The Body!

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Stage 84 gives us the main part of the body.


We will attach the boot lid now.

Put the boot lid in position, and I suggest holding it in place with masking tape.  Make sure you use proper modelling or painters masking tape.  Any other type of sticky tape is likely to leave a residue on the model and/or damage the paintwork.  


Turn the model over and put the hinge caps in position.


Fix the hinge cap with two screws.  Support the boot lid with your fingers while screwing in these screws.  Pressing down on the boot lid is likely to damage the luggage rack.


Repeat for the other hinge.


This completes the stage, although I do suggest leaving the masking tape on as it will save the boot lid falling open when the model is being handled.  Not only is that incredibly annoying, but it may damage the boot lid.



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