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Yaknow what? A P-51 Mustang


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9 hours ago, Athos_1969 said:

Ahhh, but *which* one?


A thru D, you have a choice.  D is the most iconic, with the full bubble canopy, but the 3 models earlier were neat too...

If it were a P-51, then the "B" model. Specifically Captain Bill Overstreet's "Berlin  Express" as I had the honor to meet and fly with him, an RC model airplane, before he died in 2013. He was, as I am, a member of a local flying club in Roanoke, Virginia, United States. The airplane was a Hobbico Playmate...
A far--- FAR cry from the Mustang Capt. Overstreet flew under the Eiffel Tower during WWII in pursuit of a 109.
Everyone knows this picture, nicked from the interwebs:

download (5).jpeg

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