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Grims 917 Build


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Nothing special on my end considering im leaving it completely as is from the factory though customizing would be nice, which i do have to say i like what others have done on there builds. Im sorta new/partially experienced. Only saying that because ive grown up through my childhood doing the plastic models here and there but not a constant thing. However i also like to build custom things from sculpture which im just starting to play with, and have always been into drawing, but something this detailed is a nice experience and it feels like it actually is high quality material and product design. While i have been waiting for new packs to release, im building a valve-less pulse jet engine just to have fun with and kill some time. I havent really take. Pictures previously of the build as i built what i have so far but ill post what ive gotten together so far and will try to post in the future more as i build to add to this. Hope you enjoy this as much as i have!





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I need to go through my photos and grab the rest still. Just been very busy with emergencies from missing family to floods. Loving the build time still. One thing i wish was redone or different about the build thats really the only disappointment is the parts the the laminated cables connect to use thin plastic pins to secure the ends of the metal cables that dont bend to form so they put to much strain on the plastic pegs, which in my case at least they broke a couple while i was still being as careful as i could to not have that happen but it still did unfortunately and theres nothing really that will resecure it so i have to find a better alternative, or leave the parts off entirely or the cables themselves. They look good but the mounting parts should have either been cast in metal as well or the cable be a little more plyable or bendable so it could hold a shape you need to relieve the stress that would be applied to the connection points.





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Yup. Had the same issues both with the oil pump (left side) and the 2 fuel pumps (right side). I did a video on how I "rebuilt" the oil pump


And a short reply to the AWESOME build by @vette99 as to what I had to do on the fuel pump side. 


Totally agree that the weak point in this is the wire rope used as a stand in for braided hoses. They put too much force on the connections and the quality control on the cable coating is not consistent enough to always fit into the ferrules provided. Some of mine were a full.15mm larger than the ID of the ferrules. Swapped in some KS Metals aluminum tubing and some 49 strand shark fishing leader to get to where it was at least manageable.

I have extra pump tops for both the oil and fuel pumps if you or anyone else wants to go that route.


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