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Eagle 36's 917K build


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I had started this before Agora offered the 917K, so I'm a bit ahead of the members builds, but though you might want to see photos of the nearly complete chassis and the upgrades/changes I've made for your own build.

-engine has a matte finish by using TamiyaTS-80 rattle can.

- The plug wire leads were changed for a smaller diameter gauge found on Amazon, and added RB Motion plug wire ends on the distributors. 

-fuel injection pump screw hole filled and pump painted with Model Master 1451 Flat aluminum, alternator also painted with same. 

The clear injector lines will kink when connected to the injectors, so mechanics wires were inserted into the tubes and shaped for uniformity.  Bear in mind all of these are covered with the fan shroud and injector housings , so decide if is worth the effort.


matte finish TS-80 again

-axle shaft u-joint screws ground flat and ends painted with gunmetal Model Master 1455 bottle paint, shafts mounted in drill press and polished to add some color differing.

-exhaust painted after sanding and filling seams with Tamiya gray primer 87026, bolts for brackets are 00-90 hex bolts painted chrome.


-a bit tricky work here, but the mount screw heads and frame bosses ground down and filled with Tamiys putty, then sanded smooth and brushed/blended with flat black.  Again consider some of will be covered with wheel housings.  

-still need to figure out replacement of cross brace, shock mount and stabilizer screw mounts :



IMG_3933 2.jpeg





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Looking good Eagle!  I’ve been trying to force myself to finish the two models already in progress on my desk, before allowing myself to start assembling the 917 parts I’ve been collecting, and seeing how awesome this looks is making it difficult.  

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