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T-800 Terminator Pack 4 - Stage 40

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Stage 40, after this stage, your Terminator will look awesome:



Firstly, the two thoracic cage struts screw onto the frame:



Now I screw on the thoracic cage base. The four holes int the middle is where it goes. It is easiest to do one nut at a time:



The two bars in this step are from stage 39. I take them and place them loosely into the frame:



Now I place a socket liner just above where the two bars went:



Next, the shoulder connector goes onto the frame. Make sure your it isn't upside down:



The two thoracic cage joints go into the sockets at the bottom:



Now I rest the base of the neck into the black liner that i put in a few steps back:



I now take the other black liner piece and put it into the other thoracic frame. Then the frame goes on top to secure the head, shoulders and cage joints:



The final step is to screw the thoracic frame. Make sure everything is lined up nicely so the frame screws in properly:



Stage complete


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