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T-800 Terminator Pack 3 - Stage 25

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stage 25, right shoulder:



The first step of this stage is to glue the shoulder accesories together:



Now I put some glue onto the bottom and side of the accessories and then stick them to the shoulder assembly from stage 23:



Next I grab the spring and slot it into the ring on the shoulder assembly:



Then I take the disc shape from the previous stage and compress it against the spring. Now I hold it tightly until i get the first of three screws in:

Note how there is a crescent shape on the disk which slots over one of the shoulder accessories in the first image:



Once all three screws are in, I take another accessory piece and glue it onto the shoulder:



The next step uses the big metal object from stage 23, and it aligns onto the shoulder and screws in with 2 PM 3x8mm screws:



The last accesory piece gets glued onto the shoulder. There is an indent on the accessory, so it wil only go in one way:



Stage complete:






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