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Right landing gear droop


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16 hours ago, Bfam4t6 said:

Any luck resolving this Eric?  

Anyone else having this issue?  

Both of my gears droop a bit, but the right gear definitely droops worse. 

Yes, this another common problem.  I had the right one droop.  The fix is the middle cog that connects the motor to the landing gear.  Here's how to fix:  Take a good stiff shot of your favorite bourbon, some aspirin, and do the following:

Make sure the landing gear is tucked up into the gear well, you may need to use your finger of tape it in place.  Take that middle cog, and  firmly wiggle it in between the gears of the motor and landing gear cog.  Make sure it is a snug fit.  BE SURE THAT ALL THE GEAR TEETH INTER MESH!!!!!!!  Put your finger over the middle gear, holding your finger firmly on the gear, then flip the wing around.  If the gear is not drooping, you are almost home.  Secure the gear cover with four screws.  BUT!  make sure the center cog's metal shaft rests completely in its trough!!!  If not, it will pop out, and the gear will droop.  After securing the cover and four screws are moderately tightened.  Turn the wing over and check for droop.  If their is none, you are in business!  If it droops, start all over again.  The left gear went in with no problem.  The right gear took me 2 hours until it finally stopped drooping.  BUT!  sometimes the wheel cover will not fully retract.  Mine only partially did.  Not to worry, when you get the wing covers on, and you depress the take off button on the remote pad, that gear cover will close with a click after the landing gear fully retracts.  




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