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  1. Be CAREFUL: The landing gear "arm" 028-01 that is supposed to press the landing gear limiting switch 033-03, was made too small and fell short of both switches. So I added plastic "extenders" so that it can depress each switch. Be Sure to check this. Sometimes the landing gear "arm" doesn't depress the switch even though its the correct length. Part 041-01 has the same problem, so be sure to check it.
  2. I found that the shaft with the bearing on it was loose, so I tightened it up again and it worked. But I had to disassemble part of the landing gear.
  3. I had a problem with the right landing gear hanging slightly too low and will not close the landing gear door. The gears were fully meshed, but it still was hanging low. The problem was with the main gear strut, as it is slightly bent or does not retract fully. I put a shim on the landing gear door mechanism so the tire would touch it and the gear door would close. Did you have this problem? How did you resolve it? REPLY
  4. Try watching the video first, I believe Wayne addresses that problem.
  5. Yes, several things to watchout for. When using the compass decal, attach very carefully, otherwise it will tear very easily. Put some water down on the instrument panel. Then be careful to put the decal in place with a toothpick. Take up any excess water with a Q-tip. Let dry completely. (Use lukewarm water.) The biggest challenge you will face, will be placing the oversized metal pins in the landing gear support, and the landing gear scissors assembly, Stage 30. The landing gear pin wil insert, but be careful inserting it, use needle a needle nose plier. If your not careful, it can
  6. A6M5

    Servo moror

    Could you be more specific? You won't be getting much advice here. My opinion is Agora really doesn't know much about this product or model building in general. Please visit my profile, and direct any questions to me and I'll do my best to help you. Charles
  7. A6M5

    Servo moror

    You have several options: 1. cut the wire, reverse it, splice and spot solder it, then heat shrink with electrical tubing to seal the splice and solder. Then test. 2. Cut the red and black wire where it connects to the plug so that both wires are separate, use a sharp exacto knife. Then tug gently on the black, then red wire. If one pulls out, the plug is broken. I would splice the wire so more copper shows and stick back in the plug, try to get a drop of solder into the plug with the wire already inserted. Then test 3. Best course of action, ask for a new part. Agora is good about t
  8. A6M5

    Servo moror

    Could you be a bit more specific? Landing gear, ailerons, etc.? Also what stage are you on?
  9. Guys, I broke mine too. The easiest way to do this is to use a pin vise and drill the holes out just a tiny bit. The pin will slip right in.
  10. Hi, I have a question that nobody at Agora seems to know the answer to. Are the barrels to the 7.7mm machine guns mounted in the nose of the A6M to be drilled out with a pin vise? Mine, and the ones I've see on video, all appear to be blocked solid. If that is the case, how does the LED light shine through the gun barrel? Is it the same with the 20mm guns? Thanks
  11. A6M5


    Greetings, Just started my subscription for 12 months on the A6M5 Zero. Hope to hear from others. Regards, Chuck
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