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T-800 Terminator Pack 2 - Stage 13

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Stage 13, neck and right finger:



The first step shows parts from stage 11. I attach part 11-1 and 11-2/11-3 together with 1 PB 2x6mm screw:



Now the first half of the neck attaches to the jaw assembly. Make sure the neck is curving the correct way. I use 2 screw to attach them:



Next, I place glue on the inside of the neck (circled in red) and then place the other half of the neck on and hold tight for a few seconds:



I then put 2 more screws in the side of the neck. Make sure the screws are in tight so they do not stick out as they will block the neck plates which go on after:



I clip the neck plates, so the edges are smooth and then put them on to the neck. No screws or glue are needed:



Next, I glue the fingertip to the finger, and put the plastic sleeve on the pin:



Finally, I put a small amount of glue on the smaller pin, then put it in the finger:



Stage complete. The assembly has some weight to it, and feels sturdy just like how I imagine a real terminator to be!


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