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T-800 Terminator Pack 1 - Stage 4

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Stage 4, arm:



This part is like the other cylinder. I place a 3x8mm screw through the tube and put the tube into the cylinder. I hold it in place to screw in the next step.



Arm component 4-2 goes in the other end of the cylinder and I screw the parts together through the tube in the previous step:



Now I put a rubber washer on the end of part 4-5 and screw it in with a 2x4mm screw. I put this into the cylinder, washer end first:



I put 2 plastic grips on assembly 2-4/2-5 from stage 2 and put it in part 4-1. Next I rest the two pistons, so they line up with the holes. Screw a 3x16 to the right piston from the back, and a 3x20 to the right piston from the back. They may not stay in until you put the part 2-3 from stage 2 over and screw the two long screws into it:



Stage 4 complete


I put the bicep and tricep on the wrong way around. Here is the correct way:







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