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T-800 Terminator Pack 1 - Stage 3

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Stage 3, face, arm and finger:



First thing I do here is hold the 3 right arm components together. Then I use a PM 3x8mm screw to connect the 3 components:




To put the batteries in I unscrewed the case, then put three AAA batteries in and screwed the lid back on:



The cable coming from the batteries will go into the bigger power socket on the circuit board, then a cable from the eye goes into the smaller LED socket. The cables will only fit in the correct way to the circuit board (shown in the picture):



I switched both LEDs on to check they work:



Next is making the first finger. I lay out all the parts on order:




Some parts have been replaced. These images show which parts to keep (tick) and which to not use (X) :



Now I have the right parts, I place the plastic sleeves on the plastic parts:



Next I put some glue on 3-8 and stick 3-7 on to it:



I put the plastic sleeve joint part through the fingertip, and the middle part of the finger, to join them. Then put some glue on the small pin and stick it on the other side of the joint:



Now just repeat the joint process for the rest of the finger:


Stage 3 complete


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