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Zero pack 4 chat

john hunter

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On 10/28/2021 at 1:08 PM, john hunter said:

Hi all, patiently waiting for pack 4 of the Zero to arrive, probably next week now which is a disappointment. Any lessons to learn from anyone who has assembled pack 4?

Yes, several things to watchout for.  When using the compass decal, attach very carefully, otherwise it will tear very easily. Put some water down on the instrument panel. Then be careful to put the decal in place with a toothpick. Take up any excess water with a Q-tip.  Let dry completely.  (Use lukewarm water.)

The biggest challenge you will face, will be placing the oversized metal pins in the landing gear support, and the landing gear scissors assembly, Stage 30.  The landing gear pin wil insert, but be careful inserting it, use needle a needle nose plier.  If your not careful, it can zing off the plier into the nether world.  Parts 030-04 & 5.  This is where everyone has trouble, as those parts are very delicate, and shatter easily, as the connecting holes are too small for the pin.  Take a pin vise with a diameter slightly larger than the metal pin, then gently drill out the holes in the upper and lower arms to make them a little larger.  The pins will slide in easily.  

Be super careful when placing circuit board 033-03.  The wires are soldered very delicately, and if you are not careful the wires can break of from their solder point.  

Cockpit wiring, same issue, make sure you bend them carefully so as not to break them off from their solder point.  

Read the instructions carefully, then watch the video.  It clears up a lot of questions you might have.


I'm on pack 6, but still waiting for it.



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