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Shipping Dates

Tommy Bowler

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I received the same email and still can't figure out where it came from. Pack 8, for me, was shipped out on the 28th from the UK. The next I heard about it was yesterday, the 4th, and it was sent from NY city to Jamaica. What the heck is it doing in Jamaica? I live in Washington state 3,000 miles away. My only beef with Agora from day one has been their delivery schedule. It is getting very frustrating.  I understand that their advertising campaign for the Bismark was very successful, as it should be, but that is no excuse for the failure in deliveries. I suggest that they find another way to ship. Agora models are the best in engineering and production that I have ever seen but this has to change.

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Don't worry, your package didn't go to Jamaica. But it is in Jamaica, a bourough of Queens NY, going through the International Distribution Center of the USPS. I had the same reaction when my first packages were sent from Florida and went through Jamaica NY. The delivery was very long (I live near Montreal, Canada). Now my packages come directly from the UK, and it's much faster. It takes usually 10 to 15 days from shipping to arrival

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