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  1. This is an interesting video posted on the agora Facebook page from a czec YouTube doing a modification of the T800 skull. IYou can skip in 2 1/2 minutes to see the action if you don't speak Czech language. https://youtu.be/jdIEjBdveSw
  2. Good ideas! There are lots of sci-fi models (Star Wars, star trek etc) but nothing from reality. How about full model of the Apollo 11 lunar lander on the surface of the moon. Could get some amazing detail!
  3. Awesome! this makes the pipes look so much better - job well done!
  4. thanks mark. sounds like they are slowly winding it down and moving to this new version but good to know Im not going to have a half built model! good to know they start delivering again.
  5. Has any one else heard that modelspace is closing down? I heard a rumor on anther page and am a bit nervous because I have a kit halfway built with them there seems no official word [I asked there customer service and they knew nothing] but looking at the website everything is on sale and they seem to have lost th star wars licence products???? anyone shed some light on it?
  6. I think a few of us will join you !!😆
  7. I have just taken the plunge and started the Bismarck! Pack 1 is built and I am soon to start on Pack 2. I know its a bit early, but do Agora have any plans to do other 1:200 similar ships. eg the Hood, etc?
  8. have you got picture of the Godzilla???
  9. Half scale Robocop next to the T-800 would be awesome
  10. woooo yes please. awesome. totally agree it should be 12 months. the hachete guys always do things over too long a time - who wants to wait 2 or 3 years for a model. not me. the bus is massive. totally cool. great addition to a collection!!!!
  11. Will you be bringing any other products from Europe, from hachete or others?? hachete have some good military stuff like the Bismarck and the spitfire? 🧑‍🔧
  12. What is your favourite terminator movie? I've set this poll up to get some votes!!!
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