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Super Snake Pack 2 - Stage 9

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Stage 9, inside right door:



 The lower trim strip goes into the two holes on the door:



I hold the trim in as I turn the door over to screw it in with 2 MP01 screws:



The Inside door handle goes into the handle bracket loosely:



Then I carefully put the door handle through the right hole so that it comes out the other side. This part is fiddly so go slowly:



Now I secure the bracket in place with 2 MP02 screws, then 1 MP03 for the door handle itself:



The window crank has a small stud which lines up with the fixing hole. I flip the door over and secure with an MP02 screw:



I move the inside door around until I find the place that it fits on the door (from stage 08).  Then I screw it in with 2 MD06 screws:



Make sure the door handle is down (like the right image) so that it doesn’t scratch the last piece of trim like I did (on the left). Press it in until it clicks. 



 Stage complete. Now we have both doors!


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