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W196R pack 5 - Stage 16. Plumbing.

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Stage 16 gives us some engine plumbing.


Push the oil hose connector 3 onto the pin on the oil pan.


Take the oil hose connector 4 and push the oil hoses 3 & 4 onto the smaller pins.

Then push oil hose 5 onto the larger pin.

This instructions tell you to connect this to the engine, but I suggest you leave it separate to avoid it snagging and breaking off.


Take the fuel pump connector and push it onto the fuel pump.


Fit the fuel pump line to this connector.


Push the cooling water manifold conection pipe over the end of the manifold.


Push the detail 16I onto the end of the fuel injection pump assembly.


This completes the stage.  It's starting to look like an impressive engine now.  However, I'm not too happy with ignition cables and the fuel lines.  I think they may be a bit long or need securing to hold them in a more convincing and scale like way.  I'll leave them for the moment and revisit this as I fit the engine in the chassis.


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