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W196R Pack 5 - Stage 15. Ignition wiring and plumbing.

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Stage 15 gives us the wiring for the magnetos, fuel and oil lines and the cooling manifold.


First, we need to remove the fuel pump assembly so we can fit the cooling water manifold.  Remove the two screws holding it.


Push the manifold in place.


Now you can replace the fuel pump assembly.


I'm going to do things in a slightly different order from the way the instructions tell us. The instructions tell us to wire up the magnetos first, but think the thick black pipes will get in the way, so I'm going to leave them until last.

I'll start with the fuel lines, 15D.  These are the four that are all the same length.

Push them onto the pins on the fuel injectors.


Feed these four lines through the holes in the fairlead.


Push the other ends of the fuel lines onto the pins on the fuel pump.


The remaining four fuel lines are pushed onto the pins of the other four injectors.  The lines are different lengths.  The shortest is fitted to the injector nearest the centre of the engine, and the longest ones goes to the rear end of the engine.


These are now fitted to the fuel injection pump.


Here's a closer view of the injection pump connections.


The oil pipe connector is fitted to the engine block.  I glued mine in place.


There are two oil pipes to connect to this connector.  The first goes near the centre of the engine, between cylinders 5 & 6.


The second goes to the rear of the engine, near cylinder 8.


The other oil pipe connector is fitted near the upper magneto.  Again, I glued mine in place.  Pipes are connected to this later in the build.


Now, back to the wiring for the magnetos.  One of my wires had a kink in it. 


I did think that I might need a replacement, but actually the fix is quite easy.  There is an inner rubber rod that is slide into the outer tube, and this has slide up a bit allowing the tube to kink.  Just push it back down with thin round tool.  I.e.  Small paint brush handle, screwdriver blade or needle file handle.


Now it doesn't kink any more.


Take the shorter cable and push the ends onto the pins on the upper magneto.


Feed the cable under the fuel lines.


Push it onto the plug lead cover.


Take the other cable and push the ends onto the lower magneto.


Feed this up and under the fuel lines.


Push the end onto the plug lead cover.


This completes the stage.



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