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Titanic Pack 13 - Stage 74. First Class Lounge.

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Stage 74 gives us the first class lounge.


This stage is another window marathon!  Start with the small rectangular windows as these are the easy ones, but make sure you get them the right way up.


Some of the larger windows need to be curved.  The easiest way to do this is to roll them gently over a round tool such as a screwdriver handle or screwdriver blade.


Try to get the curve to match the curve of the bulkhead.


Finish off by fitting the arched windows.


Screw the First Class Lounge to the promenade deck with 12 screws.


Glue the superstructure support to the deck with some tiny drops of superglue.  Make sure you don't get any superglue on the decking.


I used the end of a rule to make sure it was upright.


Turn the deck over and fit the LED strip.


This completes the stage and the pack.


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