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A fantastic model

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I finally finished building this beautiful model!! 
....what to say?? 
I really appreciate the quality of this product ... painting ... aesthetics ... poseability ... solidity (11.4 kg without the blaster)! 
a project that was not easy to carry out but magnificently successful! (the precision with which the pieces fit together is exemplary) 
I hope to see another robot model from Agora models!! thank you 😊


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Well done BIZZIO, you have crafted him well! His weight is purely amazing and I am going to rate him as the top model build from last year to this!

It's that weight in his legs that keeps him upright in all postures, The Blaster, and the Matrix of Leadership are cool, but the axe, well that's a bit plastic, but I'm gonna age it down a bit, see if I can lose that plasticy look.

I have enjoyed the build immensely and one of the all time best. I cannot agree more with you my friend that we need Agora to release more robots, I would especially love Megatron! PleaseπŸ™πŸ™πŸ€

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Thanks Phil!! I saw a video by Lou Dalmaso where he painted the matrix and the blaster giving it a less plastic look
...but he didn't work on the ax (maybe he will??)...unfortunately I'm not able to do it,
but I intervened by making the "panel line" with the Tamiya panel line accent color black 
... it deserves to be done because the robot has many interesting details! 😍
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