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Night Vision for Optimus!

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It's been an enjoyable journey building Optimus, and pack 12 was bumper!

For those who have not got to this stage or are coming to it, it does take 4 batteries not 2 as stated in the instructions, in the battery box we got right at Pack 1.

I have him wired up with the remote in tandem and everything is working perfectly, one of my favorite model builds of recent years, and I don't exaggerate.

So for you some pictures with his lights, he talks, there's Transformers music from days of old lol, it has turned out to be my TOP model, and boy is he heavy!

If it does happen Agora, I still would love to have Megatron, side by side, what a amazing pair of large scale models they would make.

Well that has been a well spent good few hours, and I not built his weapons yet 🀣

A few extra pics of Optimus in the dark. πŸ˜±πŸ‘»Β  Spooky! πŸ˜‰






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quick question, the instructions say we need to only put 2 tripple a batteries into the battery pack when it holds hold up to 4 double a batteries, is this a mistake in the instructions? or we only need to put in 2 double a batteries?


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misread the instructions when asking the question and wanted to correct the question being asked
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Hi ajacobi.

You need to put 4 AA batteries in, otherwise it will not work.

When you come to switching it on, switch to on, then press Transformers Head on the remote control. And hopefully away you go. 😊

If I can help I will do my friend.

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1 hour ago, Christopher Christou said:

Ok now I want this build πŸ˜„ awesome!!!!

Chris my friend, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this build, he looks absolutely gorgeous and a real showpiece, already my family and work colleagues want to see it!

Thanks Chris 😁 

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A word of advice on pack 12, it is straightforward, but the battery pack you put in Optimus is the one you get with pack 1 and it needs 4 AA batteries, not 2 as stated.

Also when you put his arms on the wide fibre plastic piece, just be careful when lifting over Optimus and holding that piece with plenty of support as you attach, working on a flat secure surface is a must for this build as he is very heavy.

And lastly be careful too, when plugging in the cables to the PCB boards, they are fragile.Β  And you will also require 2 AAA batteries for the Blaster, and 3 watch batteries for the Axe and 3 Different watch batteries for the Matrix which he holds.

Good luck guys, you will have fun! 😊 

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2 things, first: does the pack 12 contain paper instructions describing what each button on the remote does?

second: can you post a video showing off what each button does to the model? i am eager to see every function and sound font it has

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