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Spoiler Alert! Optimus is Awake.

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It's been an enjoyable journey building Optimus, and pack 12 was bumper!

For those who have not got to this stage or are coming to it, it does take 4 batteries not 2 as stated in the instructions, in the battery box we got right at Pack 1.

I have him wired up with the remote in tandem and everything is working perfectly, one of my favorite model builds of recent years, and I don't exaggerate.

So for you some pictures with his lights, he talks, there's Transformers music from days of old lol, it has turned out to be my TOP model, and boy is he heavy!

If it does happen Agora, I still would love to have Megatron, side by side, what a amazing pair of large scale models they would make.

Well that has been a well spent good few hours, and I not built his weapons yet 🤣






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Absolutely spectacular!!what a build and so nice for prime to be finished in all his glory!!did you get his stand?

Would love to see some pics in a darkened room with his lights glowing😄

Fantastic job Phil and you must be ecstatic with the result.

Congrats !!!



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Thank you Chris, very nice of you to say so.

The stand will be in future, I will try and do some night shots, as long as I don't spoil it for others.

And Chris yes mate I'm over the moon with Optimus, he is worth his salt.

Thanks again Chris. And Cheers!


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I also received package number 12!! I'll probably complete this model tomorrow...along with the blaster! 
I can't wait! it's a fantastic model; I will also arrange to create a display case to place it in 😎
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