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Titanic Pack 12 - Stage 65. The next hull section.

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Stage 65 gives us another hull section and we add some more details to the boat deck.


Take the two tan sections of pipe supplied with stage 60.  The first one is glued to the port side of the third funnel.  Apply glue to the pins on the bottom and press it into place.  I also applied small spots of glue to the back of the pipes to hold them firmly against the funnel.


Repeat with the other pipe on the starboard side.


Take the pipe supplied in stage 63 and glue it to the rear of the fourth funnel.


Glue the ducts, also supplied in stage 63, to the front of the fourth funnel.


Glue the two benches to the back of the boat deck, noting that they are facing forwards.


Take the smaller wheel house roof and push it in place.  The instructions suggest not gluing this so you can remove it to view the inside of the wheelhouse.


Repeat with the second larger roof.  


Take the hull section and fit it to the starboard side with one cross head screw and one Allen screw.


It looks like this from the outside.


Fit the bracket to the port side.


This completes the stage.


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