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Titanic Pack 12 - Stage 64. Port side hull section.

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Stage 64 gives us another hull section, but we virtually complete the boat deck assembly.  There's quite a lot of work to do!


Start by lining the aft of the forward superstructure with the reflective stickers that were supplied in the previous stage.


Remove the long white foam stickers from the two LED boards.



Replace these with the shorter ones from stage 61.  They should cover the middle 2 LEDs.


Prepare to attach this superstructure to the boat deck.  Feed the wires thorough the holes as shown.


I now hold the superstructure in place with 2 or 3 AP screws.  The instructions would have you do this a few steps later, but it will save the superstructure falling off and driving you mad!


Turn the assembly over and connect the lighting wires.  The smoke generator wires are left loose for now.

Connect the forward LED wire from the superstructure to connector J4, and connect the jump wire supplied in stage 48 to connector J3.


On the middle LED board, connect the wire from the superstructure to J2.  Connect the other end of the jumper wire to J1.

Connect the jumper wire supplied in stage 43 to J3.


On the aft LED board connect the jumper cable to J2.


Connect your test module to the spare socket on aft LED board and check that all the LEDs work.


Also check the superstructure and funnel lights.



Take the last foam self adhesive sticker and use it to cover the hole that cable 53A comes though.  Be careful not to cover the LED.  This is just aft of the square cover.


Now you can finish securing the superstructure with the remaining screws.  There are 12 in total.


Take the two sets of piping supplied with stage 60.  The first is fitted on the starboard side, between the funnel and the deck house.  The instructions say to glue this on, but I found that it clipped in place firmly.


The second set of piping is fitted to the post side.


Glue the vent from stage 60 over the second set of pipes.


Fit the fourth hull section to the port side and secure it with 4 screws.  These are Allen headed screws so you'll need your Allen key.


It looks like this from the outside.


Fit the cross support between the two brackets and screw it in place.


This completes the stage.  This is only the front section of the hull and already it's getting too big to photo on the cutting mat!  



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