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Titanic Pack 11 - Stage 61. The final lifeboats.

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Stage 61 gives us the last batch of lifeboats and some reflective stickers, etc.


There is quite a lot to do in this stage.  We will start by placing two of the white foam stickers.  I guess these are to block out the light from the LED as it was too bright.  Just a guess.....

Anyway, the first sticker goes over the floor of the second class entrance.


The second sticker goes just forward of the skylight.


Now we need to line the second class entrance housing with reflective stickers.  First peel the windows off the sticker sheet.  If you don't do this the windows come up with the stickers, and are really difficult to remove without wrecking the stocker.


Stick the stickers inside following the sequence in the instructions.  There are quite a few stickers, so I'm not going to show fitting each one!


Push the entrance housing onto its mount on the boat deck and secure it from underneath with a couple of screws that were supplied in stage 60.


Take the fourth funnel base and line it with reflective stickers.


Take a white foam sticker and place it over the two middle LEDs on the circuit board.


Take the fourth funnel and the first class smoking room, and feed the llighting cable through the hole as shown.


Put the funnel assembly in place and secure it with 4 screws from underneath.


Now place this assembly on the boat deck, feeding the wire through the hole as shown.


I held this together with 1 screw while I connected the wires and tested it.

Fit the plug in socket J2.  


Now take your test board and connect it to socket J3 and confirm that the LEDs all light up.


Check that the smoking room lights and funnel lights are also working.


Now you can finish fitting all the screws to hold the smoking room to the boat deck.


Take 3 davit bases, 3 type C1 davit arms and 3 type C2 davit arms.


Assemble these in the same way as before to make 3 sets of davits.


Take the remaining davit bases and arms and make 2 single davits.  Make sure you make a left and right hand pair.


Glue these 5 sets of davits to the boat deck.


Turn the boat deck over and fit the cover in the square hole.


Clip the tarpaulins to the cutters.  Don't glue them yet.


Assemble the lifeboats.  You'll need the two lifeboats supplied in stage 50 & 52 as well as the parts supplied in this stage.  Clip the parts together but don't glue them.


This completes the stage.



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