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Titanic Pack 11 - Stage 59. Port side lifeboats and davits.

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Stage 59 gives us the lifeboats and davits for the port side.


Clips the tarpaulins on the lifeboats and push the block gear into place.  Don't glue anything yet.


Fit the vent on the boat deck near the forward staircase.


Fit the tall cowl aft of the vent just fitted.


The remaining cowl is fitted on the starboard side, aft of the staircase.


Take the three davit bases, three type C1 arms and three type C2 arms.


Glue the C2 arms to the davits first.  These have different sized pins and can only be fitted one way.  The pins are arranged horizontally, not vertically.


Add the three type C1 arms with the vertical pins.  P4010784.thumb.JPG.a502b651fece5544cd68a2c99e7d7ccb.JPG

Glue these to the boat deck between the lifeboat cradles.


Take the remaining davits and arms and glue them together.  Make sure you make a left and right pair.


Glue these to the forward and aft most davit positions.



This completes the stage.




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