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Titanic Pack 11 - Stage 57. The Fourth Funnel.

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Stage 57 gives us the 4th funnel.  This funnel was a dummy funnel so there is no smoke generator.  I believe that the funnel was added mainly for aesthetic reasons, but also served as the vent for the galley and some other incidental uses.


Wrap the the funnel plating around the interior and fix it with six small screws.  Check the photo to see which holes the screws should go in.


Fit the stay collar over the funnel top.  The details side of the stay collar goes to the top, so you can only see the plain side in the photo below.


Fit this assembly to the funnel.  


Glue the platform to the funnel.  I had to scrap the paint off the location tab to get a good fit.


Glue the whistle pipe to the forward water pipe.  


Glue this assembly to the funnel.  You may actually find it wasier to glue the water pipe to the funnel first, then glue the whistle pipe to the water pipe.


Glue the ladder to the funnel.


Glue the aft water pipe to the back of the funnel.


Place the funnel interior in the funnel.


Now place the funnel cap on the top of the funnel.  The instructions advise not gluing it.  Not sure why, but best just hold it in place with masking tape, or just leave it in the parts box for now.  


Finally, screw the funnel to the funnel base that was assembled in stage 56.


This completes the stage.

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