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W196R Stage 13A. Front left wheel (2) - Regular spokes.

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Stage 13A gives us the remaining parts to complete the first wheel.


This instructions say to apply pieces of double sided tape in the recesses of the central ring to hold the spokes.  I couldn't get on with that at all, so small balls of Blu Tack were used.  These work well and are much easier to apply.  The dimples are just where I pushed them in with a cocktail stick.


Turn the wheel over and apply a couple of pieces of double sided tape to hold the last piece of the hub in place.  This tape allows the hub to rotate a little as you fit the spokes.


Remove the backing strip and push the last piece of hub in place.


Insert the spokes through the bottom row of holes in the hub and feed them through the gap in the spokes to the right.  The first two spokes are shown below.


Bed the ends of the spokes in the Blu Tack.


Repeat with all twelve spokes.


Repeat the process to complete the last row of spokes.  These go in the upper row of holes in the hub, and the spokes swing to the left rather than the right.


The wheel looks like this from the back.


Fit the central ring to the inner rim.  This just pushes on.


Note that the tab on the rim lines up with a corresponding slot.


Put the inner rim in place and secure with three screws.  Make sure that the spokes are all held in the grooves in the rim and haven't jumped out of place.


Insert the 4 KM screws loosely at the moment.


These screws are used to tighten the spokes.  Tighten them down evenly, 1 turn at a time until the spokes are tight.  You may notice that the ends of the spokes are now all tight against the inside of the hub, whereas they aren't in the photo above.


Now I fitted the tyre valve to complete the wheel.


Here's the regular and simple wheels side by side so you can see the difference.  


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