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W196R Stage 12B. Front left wheel (1) - Easy spokes.

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Stage 12B gives us the first parts of the wheel with the easy spokes.  


Take the two parts of the hub and fit them together.


They are screwed together with 4 screws.


Place the first set of spokes on the hub.


Take the smallest part of the hub and screw this in place to secure the first set of spokes.


Place the second set of spokes on the bottom of the hub.  The ends of these spokes should be roughly in the middle of the gaps in the ends of the first spokes.  You may find they line up better if you turn the spokes through 1/3 of a turn.  In any case, they will need bending to fit the rim.


Take the largest part of the hub and use this to secure the second set of spokes.  This is fitted with 3 screws.



Take the central ring and push the ends of the spokes into the holes.  You will need to bend the spokes to get them to line up, but they do bend easily.


This completes the stage.


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