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W196R Stage 12A. Front left wheel (1) - Regular spokes.

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Stage 12A gives us the first parts for the front left wheel.


The instructions start by fitting the tyre valve, but I left this to the end of the wheel assembly.

Fit the outer rim onto the jig, ensuring that the pin on the jig goes inteh hole in the rim.


Take 24 small pieces of double sided tape and stick them inside the rim.  Then remove the backing paper.  These will hold the spokes while you assemble the wheel.  


Fit the first part of the hub in the centre of the jig.  Again, there is a pin to locate this.


Take a spoke type 2 (The type 1 spokes look like an elongated U.  The type 2 spokes look like and elongated S) and insert if through the lowest hole in the hub.  Then place it in the appropriate notch in the rim and press it onto the tape.


Repeat this with another 11 spokes to complete the first row of spokes.


Now we need to complete the next row of spokes.  This is done in the same manner with type 2 spokes, but these are inserted in the 3rd row of holes from the bottom of the hub.  They lean clockwise rather than anti-clockwise.


Now place the central ring on the rim to hold the spokes in place.  This is secured with 3 screws.


Note that the notches on the central ring and the outer rim must line up.


Now we complete the 3rd row of spokes.  Use the type 1 spokes and insert them through the 2nd row of holes from the bottom of the hub.  The ends of the spokes just rest in the notches of the central rim.  There is no need to use and double sided tape.


The 4th row of spokes uses the type 1 spokes and they are inserted through the top row of holes in the hub.


Here's a close up showing the ends of the spokes resting on the central ring.


Secure these with the second central ring.  The second central ring has a peg that lines up with a notch in the first central ring.


This second central ring is secure with 4 screws.


This completes the stage.



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