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250 GTO Pack 1 - Stage 6. Seats and seatbelts.

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Stage 6 gives us the remaining seat and seatbelt.


First we add some more detail to the gearbox.  Take the joint and the front cover and press them together.


Press this assembly onto the gearbox.


Take the support bar and insert it into the rear floor pan.  This is a repeat of the support bar B in Stage 5.  I.e.  Insert the bottom first and flex the bar to insert the top.


Add 3 seat belt hooks to the floor.  The holes are D shaped, but not very clearly defined, so make sure that the flat of the d faces tghe rear of the model.


Add the two seat stoppers.  These are brackets that support the back of the seat. Make sure you get the left and right sides the right way round.  They just slide through the slots for the moment and are left free to move.


Take the sea belt and hook it to the eye in the back corner by the transmission tunnel.


Fold the seat belt out of the way over the transmision tunnel and fit the seat in position.  It's held with 2 screws inserted from under the floor.


Slide the stoppers into the slots in the back of the seat.


Now finish clipping the seat belt in place.


Repeat the process to install the passenger seat.


This completes the stage and the pack.  I've put the gearbox in place, just because I can!



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