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250 GTO Pack 1 - Stage 5. Rear floor pan.

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Stage 5 gives us the rear floor pan and some nice details.


Push the upper panel onto the gearbox.


Push the lower panel onto the gearbox.


OK, that's gearbox finished for now.  Let's move on to the floor pan.  

Take the rear floor pan supplied in this stage and the front floor pan already assembled.  These are joined together with three screws.


Here are the positions of the screws.


Take the support bar B and insert it inthe floor pan.  The angle of the ends makes it obvious which way round it goes.  Insert the bottom first then flex the top into place.  It has to be flexed quite a lot, but it will go.


Push the two belt hooks into the rear floor.  They will only go one way round thanks to the D shaped pin and hole.


Here's a close-up.


Turn the floor pan over and insert the rear supports.


Again, here's a close-up.


They look like this from the top.


Take the oil filling pipe and push the length of hose over the pin.


Push the filling pipe into its hole in the upper part of the rear floor pan, then push to hose over the nearby pin.


Turn the floor pan upside down and secure the filling pipe with a screw.


Fit the handbrake base next to the transmission tunnel.  The open end faces forwards.


Push the hand brake lever in place.  


Take the two support bars A and fit them to the upper part of the rear floor pan.  As with the previous support bar, the angle of the ends are different so the bar only goes one way round.  Insert the bottom first, then flex the bar to get the top pin in its hole.


This completes the stage.



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