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250 GTO Pack 1 - Stage 4. Floor, bell housing and gearbox.

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Stage 4 gives us more of the floor, the bell housing and more of the gearbox.


Take the adjuster lever and push it into the hole in rail B.


Remove the protective film from the floor panel, then the adhesive strip backing tape, and stick the panel in place on the floor.


Now press the floor rails in place.


Take the seal plate and the bell housing.  Note that the cutout on the seal plate goes towards the bottom of the bell housing.


Place the seal plate over the bell housing.


Place the bell panel over the opening of the bell housing.  The tab at teh bottom goes in teh cutout of the seal plate.


Screw the two halves of the gearbox together.  This is the part supplied in this stage, along with the parts assembled in the previous stage.


Put the bell housing assembly in place on the gearbox.


Fix it with 2 screw inserted from inside the bell housing.


Press the side panel in place on the left side of the gearbox.


This completes the stage.


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