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I was inspired by Jo.Mora and his attention to detail. I was an avid modeler as a teen, but that's been 40+ years. I did a ship model a few years back and started getting back into the hobby, buying a lot of the new tools and such. I wanted to take a stab at adding the block breather holes, so I busted out my pin vise and gave it a whirl (photo 3). 

I was pleased with it, so I decided to try my hand at some fabrication, making an oil dipstick tube and dipstick. My first attempt came out ok (photo 2), but then remembered the beauty of annealing the brass, and this one came out much better (photo 1). I hammered .068 Brass rod flat, then annealed it, bent it into the hoop, and cut a 3 mm .080 tube, filing it. I then cut a .014 aluminum tube and inserted the rod into that. I haven't affixed it to the block yet, I wanted to see how tall to make it. I also cut a few pieces of brass tubing to try out for scale, for some fittings. The brass and aluminum rod/tube I supply I had was far more than I remember buying and I'm debating about making some additional fuel lines, (inspired by A4 Garage on YT). I have also followed Pitstain and his build on a few of the packs, but I am enjoying this model immensely. 

I was wondering if anyone else had trouble affixing the brake rotor to the A-arms. The screws would not snug, I understand they need some play to allow the wheels to turn with the steering, but there was a lot of slack in the screw, allowing the rotor to wiggle back and forth. I was worried about over-torque and breaking the screw, so I left it. The rotor is somewhat stabile once affixed to the top/bottom A-arm, but there is still a little play. Thanks for sharing your work, it's great to learn new techniques and try them out. 

Oil dipstick 3.jpg

Oil dipstick 1.jpg


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19 hours ago, Jo.Mora said:

Really nice work! See you also drilled front cam case breathers (or what ever these are called)...


Thank you, yes, I was inspired by your build. 

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