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Steam Engines

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As some of you may know, I enjoy a bit of model engineering alongside scale modelling.  I'll post some photos and videos of my engines now and again and hope it doesn't bore you too much.

This is a Stuart 10V.  One of the smaller engines that Stuart Models (formerly Stuart Turner) make.  

I originally bought this engine as a machined kit around 1980 as I didn't have any metal working machines at the time.  This model was assembled and worked very nicely.  It was run on air and steam occasionally, but mostly stood on a shelf on display, until it got put into storage in 2005 when I went abroad for work, and it never got unpacked!  Recently I bought it out and decided it needed to run again.  It was very stiff, mainly gummed up with oil.  I did think it may need completely stripping and cleaning, but a few strategic squirts of 3 in 1 oil and she freed up.  I've decided that I like the patina of age she has, so I'm going to leave her exactly as she is.  I'll just give her a light brush over with a soapy toothbrush to remove some of the grime and dust.  She's around 45 years old, so deserves to look her age!



And she still runs a treat.  This is with an air brush compressor with the air hose just pushed agains the valve chest as the steam union has gone walkabout.



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On 2/29/2024 at 11:05 PM, Mark A said:

I also have a 10V that started life as a machined kit. It was a garage sale find, and was $25 as I recall. I have never run it. It sits in the curio cabinet.

$25 is an absolute steal!

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